Unemployed Rural Youth Skill Development

SBR Group has initiated IT skill Develpment Programme to provide developing technology skills that align with market demand greatly increasing their chances of securing employment and achieving career success to rural unemployed and underemployed youth. For enterprises, having well-qualified, technology-savvy talent results in higher productivity, faster growth, and expansion. And for nation, balancing the supply and the demand for technology skills leads to economic and social stability and overall prosperity. SBR Group is committed to bridging the opportunity divide for rural young people today. Company initiative it aims to create an individual’s employability. As the initiative evolves, SBR Group will continue to enhance its contribution to rural youth employment and enterprise development in order to deepen its impact and build upon the progress seen to date. We thank our colleagues from our organizations who contributed to this Programme.

Icons made by bqlqn from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY