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  SBR Tower  


Sustainable Design

The office space has been designed to achieve maximum natural light, reducing the requirement for artificial lighting. Double glazed energy efficient glass has been used.

The building is designed to benefit from zero discharge, energy conservation, water conservation, 100% usage of treated water and reduced wastage.


The service core has been zoned at the rear side of the building. This gives the tenant an uninterrupted space with maximum natural light that can be designed to their best interests.

The terrace has also been designed to serve as a break out space. 414 car parks have been provided a following the requirement of the . building norms. Surface car parks will be naturally shaded by a row of trees.

The office space on each floor has been efficiently designed to provide for two independent offices. The services have also been split into two bays.

Seamless Circulation

The entrance and exit of the commercial building have been zoned together with the security point for effortless transition. There is no crossover in the vehicular movement within the property. The service loading and unloading bay are separated from the primary circulation.

Design Aesthetic

The entrance lobby is spaciously designed with stone cladded facade. The double height entrance gives a feeling of grandeur.

The facade of the building has been designed dynamically with the combination of coloured glass panels and framed glass.


The fire escape staircases have been designed and located meeting all the NBC requirements. Adequate refuge balconies have been incorporated in case of emergency.

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